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Название книги:
Издатель: Amazon Digital Services
Первый выпуск: Сиэтл, 2011
Язык книги:Английский
Доступные форматы:EBook fb2, epub

Описание книги

It's the dusk of the zombie apocalypse. What's left of mankind is huddled in the husks of the cities of the world. There are fewer of the walking dead, but they are just as dangerous as ever. After scientists come up with the brilliant idea of scent-marking them something goes wrong and a soldier is taken. When a fellow 'dog' decides to take matters into his own hands to rescue his comrade he finds the living dead have changed for the worse. Includes an excerpt of The Zombie Archives, now available.

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Имя файла Формат Объем Ссылка
30-minute-plan-fb2-epub.fb2 fb2 FictionBook — стандарт призван обеспечить совместимость с любыми устройствами и форматами 41,4 Кбайт
30-minute-plan-fb2-epub.epub epub Electronic Publication - открытый формат электронных версий книг 97,5 Кбайт

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