Hastrom City Rising (The Adventures of Letho Ferron Book 2) fb2epub

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Название книги:
Издатель:Kindle Edition
Первый выпуск:2015
Язык книги:Английский
Доступные форматы:EBook fb2, epub

Описание книги

Letho Ferron doesn't want to be a hero, but a persistent sense of right and wrong combined with mischievous tendencies, intertwines his destiny with the Mendraga, a foul alien race that attacks his Fulcrum station. 

Thankfully his path also crosses that of the Tarsi, a lost race who has forgotten their former glory and dwell inside the Fulcrum stations as servants. 

Join Letho as he journeys to his home planet for the first time, where things aren't the way he was led to believe they should be. In this exciting new adventure Letho will learn more of the truths behind the Fulcrum Stations, and the connection between the Tarsi, Mendraga, and Eursan races. 

Fans of Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy will love this book.

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