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Название книги:
Серия:Marty Nickerson
Первый выпуск:New York, 2005
Язык книги:Английский
ISBN:0743492692 (isbn13: 9780743492690)
Доступные форматы:EBook epub, fb2

Описание книги

"At the urgent request of Harry Madigan, Marty takes on the defense of Louisa Rawlings, a woman suspected of murdering her wealthy husband. Harry is Marty's law partner. He's also her lover - but he used to be Louisa's." "Marty is simultaneously intrigued and disturbed by her new client. Louisa Rawlings is Marty's polar opposite. Glamorous and charismatic, she's entrenched in the good life, openly coveting every luxury money can buy. District Attorney Geraldine Schilling believes Louisa was motivated by greed, and to Marty, that motive seems all too plausible. It also seems too tidy. Marty's gut tells her the murderer was motivated by something far more personal." As the evidence against Louisa mounts, though, Marty begins to doubt her own judgment. The people she normally turns to for perspective are incapable of helping her. Her young associate, Kevin Kydd, is so bewitched by Louisa that he's in danger of jeopardizing his entire career. And Marty fears that Harry might be too.

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maximum-security-epub-fb2.epub epub Electronic Publication - открытый формат электронных версий книг 233,1 Кбайт
maximum-security-epub-fb2.fb2 fb2 FictionBook — стандарт призван обеспечить совместимость с любыми устройствами и форматами 178,2 Кбайт

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