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Название книги:
Издатель:Berkley Medallion
Первый выпуск:1970
Язык книги:Английский
Доступные форматы:EBook fb2

Описание книги

The Daleth Effect was the key to the stars—and Israeli scientist Arnie Klein, its discoverer, knew that the great powers of the world would stop at nothing to control it. Arnie “defected” to tiny, tough Denmark in the hope of being able to carry on his work peacefully.

A dramatic, “impossible” rescue of stranded Russian astronauts by a space-going submarine breaks the news to the world, and the squeeze play is on—with Arnie and his adopted country the focus of espionage, blackmail, and frank menace, culminating in the first act of space piracy and a bitterly ironic finale.

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the-daleth-effect-fb2.fb2 fb2 FictionBook — стандарт призван обеспечить совместимость с любыми устройствами и форматами 163 Кбайт

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